• 1.01 System Description
    • A. Non-penetrating EPDM rubber roofing system, held in place by the patented 105 self-adhering plates. The 105 plates consist of butyl/EPDM laminate and a 4-inch, 16 gauge, galvanized steel disc.
  • 3.03 Installation Instructions
    • A. Install in accordance with International Diamond Systems specification manual.
    • B. Place Diamond 105 self-adhering plates over the insulation at appropriate intervals and mechanically fasten to the roof deck.
    • C. Roll EPDM membrane over the Diamond 105 plates. Position membrane without stretching. Allow EPDM membrane to relax for 30 minutes before continuing with attachments, splicing or bonding.
    • D. Fold one half of membrane onto itself, exposing the underside. Using a sponge mop, lightly apply activator to the membrane where each 105 plate will make contact. Remove release paper from 105 plates and carefully float membrane onto plates beginning at the fold. Repeat this procedure for the remaining half of the EPDM membrane.
    • E. Join overlapping seams with either International EPDM splice adhesive and lap sealant or with 4″ seam tape (seam tape does not require caulk).
    • F. Complete flashing details for protrusions and walls.

(to diamond 105)  (to specifications)