Diamond Grid

The Diamond 105 System has been a successful patented system for the past 30 years with no failures and it also exceeds all state voc laws.

Architects, engineers, contractors and building owners can be assured of a quality installation with Diamond 105. IDS unique diamond pattern fastening technique (forms 2’8” stress pattern) bonds with the lower surface of the rubber membrane to form a secure, weather-tight, non-penetrating surface.

The Diamond 105 (patented) System is a 7” x 7” plate utilizing butyl tape technology. Plates are fastened down through the insulation and deck in a diamond pattern. Apply tape primer to the sheet where contact with the plates will occur. Peel the release paper from the 105 plates and float the EPDM membrane over the plates. (NOTE: This system was made possible by IDS development of pre-cured tape in approximately 1987.)

The Diamond 75 System utilizes the same pattern and technology as the 105 system but uses a 6” x 6” plate. This makes it the perfect choice for residential and smaller commercial applications. Whatever version you choose, rest assured you are utilizing one of the worlds most innovative and time saving systems to apply.

The proof in this system is in the following: speed of application is due to ½ the plates and screws compared to a fully adhered system, one fourth of the labor is needed to install the plates compared to applying a fully adhered system, and the material for the Diamond 105 System is less expensive compared to the fully adhered system.

The Diamond 105 plate has just been improved by pre-drilling the center of the plate eliminating the possibility of butyl tape build up on your drill and making it easier access to the steel plate. Warranties are available for up to 30 years.