Installation Specifications for the Liquid Auger Screw

1.01 Description of the Liquid Auger Screw

The Liquid Auger Screw is a composite nylon and fiberglass screw for use in lightweight concrete, cement/wood-fiber, and gypsum structured decks. Liquid Auger has a three (3) inch diameter head for superior holding capabilities.

The fastener has a hollow shaft through which epoxy may be injected using a caulking gun. Once injected the liquid flows down through the shank and out into the surrounding deck substrate by way of holes located between the threads.

The buttress type thread design is flat on top of the helix with anti-back-out slots on opposite sides of the screw. The slots are designed so the angle of cut through the thread is sharper when the screw is rotated to the left. The result is the screw “digs in” and is prevented from being backed out without excessive force. The Liquid Auger Screw can be installed with a 9/16 hex head screw gun adapter supplied with each order.

Liquid Auger is available in sizes from 3 to 7 inches long in ½ inch increments.

1.02 Application Conditions

The Liquid Auger Screw should only be installed in decks that have not deteriorated to the point where mechanical attachment is not feasible. Pull-out values must exceed 360 pounds minimum.

The substrate into which the Liquid Auger Screw is installed must be clean and dry.

A pilot hole of the appropriate size for the deck construction must be drilled to at least the depth of penetration of the screw.

Do not use adhesives or epoxies not supplied by the manufacturer in conjunction with the Liquid Auger Fastener. Bitumen, coal tar, or oil base adhesives could be detrimental to the roofing system or the deck.

It is the building owner or his designees responsibility to determine the suitability of the Liquid Auger Screw for use with the roofing system being installed.

1.03 Material Handling

All Liquid Auger Screws must be stored in their original unopened containers.

Adhesives and epoxies for Liquid Auger must be stored in their original unopened containers. These adhesives are FLAMMABLE. Do not use near fire or sources of extreme heat. Use only in well ventilated areas.

Care must be taken when mixing epoxy adhesives. Do NOT allow the liquid epoxy to come in contact with bare skin. Always wear proper protective equipment when handling adhesives.

1.04 Installation

Pilot holes of ¼ inch for cement wood fiber, and ½ inch for light weight concrete decks should be drilled to at least the depth of penetration of the screw.

Care must be taken NOT to penetrate all the way through the deck with either the pilot drill or the screw. WARNING: The warranty is void if the deck is fully penetrated by either the pilot drill or the screw.

Liquid Auger requires the use of epoxy for maximum holding power.

Pull-out tests should be done to determine the conditions of the deck. Pull-out values must exceed 360 pounds in all decks.

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