productsFrom tools to adhesives, insulation to membrane, International offers a complete line of roofing system products to meet all installation needs. All of International’s roofing systems, installed by approved applicators, are warrantable for up to 15 years.

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Product Statement

products_fewAll products used to install International Diamond Systems must be products of International Diamond Systems or approved by International Diamond Systems.

International Diamond Systems EPDM (Ethylene, Propylene, Diene, Terpolymer) is available in widths from 10 to 50 feet and lengths of 50 and 100 feet. Available in .045 and .060 Black.

International Diamond Systems accessories available: Flashing, Seam Tape, Bonding Adhesive, Splice Adhesive, Lap Sealant, Diamond 105 Plates, Bonding Plates, Fasteners, Activator, Water Cut-Off, Termination Bar, Batten Bar, I-90 Disc, Cover Tape, Walkway Pads, etc.

Weights and Class Codes

– IDS Product Weight and Class Code
– IDS EPDM Membrane Weight and Class Code