• 1.01 System Description
    • A. EPDM rubber roofing loosely laid over insulation and held in place with I-90 steel discs. The discs are covered with 7″ x 7″ cover tape (butyl/EPDM laminate).
  • 3.03 Installation Instructions
    • A. Roll EPDM membrane over insulation. Position membrane without stretching. Allow EPDM membrane to relax for 30 minutes before continuing.
    • C. Place Seal-A-Plate discs over EPDM sheet and mechanically fasten into roof deck. Clean and activate area over and around disc. Place 7″ x 7″ cover tape over disc and roll with steel roller to assure a watertight seal.
    • C. Complete flashing and seam details in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications.

(to seal-a-plate)  (to specifications)