The following information when augmented with specific details as referenced will provide a set of working specifications. Copy the general guideline below and add the appropriate detail from the selected system where noted. Details are required for section 1.01 System Description and section 3.03 Installation Instructions.

International Diamond Systems Specification Guidelines

Part 1. General
1.01 System Description
A. See appropriate system for complete description
Diamond 105
Totally Adhered
1.02 Submittals
A. Submit a dimensional drawing of the overall roof showing penetrations,
drains, perimeter details, etc. All details must be done according to those in manufacturer’s specification manual.
B. Do not deviate from International Diamond Systems specifications
manual without prior written approval.
C. When conditions require changes, supply International Diamond
Systems with as-built construction drawings.

1.03 Material Storage & Handling
A. Store all materials in their original unopened containers, with labels intact. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for storage and handling.
B. Carefully handle roll goods.
C. Store all materials in a dry area protected from exposure to water & direct sunlight.

1.04 Site Conditions
A. Roof surface must be free of ponding water, ice or snow. Roof surface should be designed to be water free no longer than 48 hours after precipitation.
B. Do not install during inclement weather.

1.05 Quality Assurance
A. Contractor shall be approved and licensed, in writing, by International Diamond Systems.

1.06 Warranty
A. International Diamond Systems will provide a 5, 10 or 15 year warranty commencing at the date of final inspection & approval by the International. Contact International Diamond Systems for further information on warranty.

Part 2. Products
2.01 Product Statement
A. All products used to install International Diamond Systems must be products of International Diamond Systems or approved by International Diamond Systems.

2.02 Membrane
A. International Diamond Systems EPDM (Ethylene, Propylene, Diene, Terpolymer). Available in widths from 7 to 50 feet and lengths of 50 to 100 feet. Available in .045 and .060, Black. (note: for further technical data see table.)

2.03 Insulation
A. A minimum 1/2″ of approved insulation must be used over the existing roof or deck.
B. Insulation must be of proper density and thickness to support traffic and meet building code requirements.
C. Contact International Diamond Systems for a complete list of approved insulation.

2.04 System Components
A. Flashings: Uncured EPDM
B. Pre-Fabricated Pipe Boots
C. Seam Tape – 4″ Cured Butyl
D. Bonding Adhesive RTS 010
E. Splice Adhesive RTR 019
F. Activator
G. Lap Sealant LS014
H. Water Cut-Off WS024
I. Pourable Sealer PS018
J. Night Stop
K. Termination Bar
L. Batten Bar
M. Diamond 105 Plate – 7″ x 7″ Self-Adhering Plate
N. I-90 Disc – 4″ diameter 16 gauge steel disc
O. Cover Tape – 7″ Seam Tape/EPDM Laminate
P. Roof Walkway Pads – 8mm x 30″ x30′(ft.)
Q. Bonding Plates – 8″ High Impact Polystrene
R. Fasteners: Corrosion resistant. Proper type, length,
size, and strength required.

2.05 Related Products By Others
A. Vapor Barriers
B. Wood Nailers
C. Splash Blocks
D. Thermal Barrier

Part 3. Execution
3.01 Inspection & Preparation
A. Consult International Diamond Systems specification manual for instructions, inspection, and preparation of substrate.
B. Substrate must be dry, clean and smooth, free of protrusions, sharp edges, loose and foreign material.

3.02 Insulation
A. Loosely lay insulation and attach in accordance with manufacturer’s requirements. Cut insulation around penetrations.
B. Install only as much insulation as can be covered by membrane the same day.

3.03 Installation Instructions
A. See appropriate system for description
Diamond 105
Totally Adhered

3.04 Cleaning
A. Remove construction trash and debris from roof at end of each work day.

3.05 Field Service
A. An International Diamond Systems Field Technician will inspect the installation for approval of warranty upon completion of the system application.