TPO roofing systems have quickly gained traction in the commercial roofing industry over the past several years. International Diamond is proud to be the premier wholesale supplier of TPO roofing systems in the United States and Canada. Our distributors are provided with easy to access training and a vast network of distributors who can attest to the quality of our roofing systems.

TPO roofing systems are single-ply and are comprised of thermoplastic polyolefin membranes. TPO systems have quickly gained in popularity due to their energy efficiency and their cost effectiveness. TPO systems are reflective to ultraviolet light from the sun; and are resistant to chemicals and exposure to ozone.

At International Diamond, we believe in providing an exceptional product that any contractor or builder can install without any hassle. TPO is easily one of the most reasonably priced commercial roofing systems available. From an aesthetic standpoint, TPO is often available in a variety of colors, suiting the design of any building. When it comes to commercial roofing, another consideration that has to be taken into account is durability when dealing with the weather elements. TPO handles hail impact and heavy rain with ease and it’s also resistant to mold. An additional benefit is the TPO can be heat welded just like PVC membrane roofing systems.

International Diamond stands behind our quality roofing systems. To learn more on how you can become a distributor and pass along the benefits of our roofing systems to your customers, contact us today.