International Diamond is your go-to source for white EPDM roofing systems in the United States and Canada. EPDM refers to synthetic rubber roofing which is composed of Ethylene propylene diene terpolymer. EPDM is easily the preferred roofing material choice for low slope roofs.

White EPDM is economic, energy efficient and can easily be installed by any roofer. The number of advantages attached to this type of roofing system is astounding. White EPDM repels the sun’s UV rays making it an excellent choice for southern states in the U.S. where the temperatures are hotter throughout the year.

In addition to its energy efficiency, white EPDM can handle the pressure of weather events such as heavy rain, hail and rain. Installation options are also plentiful as it can be installed mechanically, ballasted, or with adhesive backing.

At International Diamond, we ensure that we provide all of the information needed for our customers to make informed decisions about the roofing systems they choose. Not only do we provide a superior product, but we also provide training resources and have a large network of highly skilled EPDM distributors.

For more information regarding International Diamond’s white EPDM roofing systems and how you can become a distributor of our superior roofing systems, give us a call today.